Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seussical the Musical

Well it's cold. I mean like really cold. Avon Lake Schools have canceled school for February 20, 2015. Well by a happy coincidence that also happens to be opening night for "Seussical the Musical". Now many folks would assume we are canceling the show. You know what happens when you assume don't you?


We've been working hard during this past tech week, putting the finishing touches on the show. We aren't canceling it. We know it will be cold, but they say the best way to stay warm is to huddle with a bunch of people. In a theater. Watching a show. With dancing. And singing.

Also you have to check out the behind the scenes video of what we have been doing all week. This video was the production of John Burgio, a student at Avon Lake High School. This video is the reason we raise money to keep the arts alive in our schools. The arts are the gateway to better math and science skills, better critical thinking skills, and a more creative atmosphere in general.

Come see us. The school might be closed, but the theater is certainly going to be open!

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